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CV Writing
Not only is your CV the first thing an employer sees from you, it is what the employer will use to decide whether to interview. First impressions count. A well-written CV can be the difference between you getting an interview for a job and your CV ending up in the shredder.
In general keep it concise and accurate. Start with most recent employ & work backwards to first job.
Be consistent in fonts and layout. Size Does Matter!.
Avoid graphics, fancy fonts and page borders.

Use Spell check.

Date Check for accuracy and to avoid misrepresentation.

Contact Information should be accurate, clear and current.
Employers notice a good quality CV and associate that with a good quality candidate.
Follow the KISS rule [Keep It Slick & Simple] and tailor a cover note when you apply for each different role .

Going graciously .. Resignation Time

Resigning from your job can be stressful and emotional.
Regardless of your reasons for leaving a job, you should do it in a professional manner and "Go Graciously."
DO consider all options before handing in that letter of resignation. Your resignation letter could simply reflect your effective date of resignation if you have been unhappy or it could express your genuine regret at leaving and that you'll miss all your colleagues.
DON'T put personal grudges in your resignation letter.
DON'T detail where you'll be working or how much money you'll be making.
DO request a formal meeting with your employer so that you can discuss your reasons for leaving in person in addition to giving your letter. You can be specific or vague if your employer asks you for a reason.
DON'T use this time as a venting session. Stick with the "better opportunity angle" if you've been unhappy. If you must tell the truth, then try not to make it too personal. "I would have preferred more training" is better than "You were terrible at training me."
DON'T become involved in a dispute about the situation if your employer becomes angry because you're leaving.
DON'T burn your bridges - you will need a letter of recommendation from your employer.
DON'T alienate your colleagues by bragging or talking incessantly about your awesome new job whilst working out your notice period.
DON'T mistreat your replacement. Remember you're the one who chose to leave.
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